The Perks of Being a College Irregular Student

Jecon. 18. Struggling Political Science student. Soon-to-be a Filipino major. Anlayo lang sa 'jeconomics' kong username, di ba?

suki desu

Nagsusulat ako para isulat ang magiging kahahantungan natin sa hinaharap. 

I want to understand you, so hey, please tell me.
There’s a little bit of regret with those words that we don’t get across, and tears fall down.
Our bustling emotions are linked by our heartbeats; I want to make sure that we’re tuned together.

Preoccupied only with our goals, the most important things become hazy and escape us.
Let’s restart today.

I don’t want to lose you. I can’t lose you. 

Kung kailangan ang pag-iwas para manatiling maging magkaibigan…

  • *At Team Manila in Rob Ermita*
  • Mama: Isukat mo tong mga to. Maganda dito ah.
  • Me: Dito nga ako laging bumibili ng clothes. Pero hinihintay ko yung warehouse sale.
  • Guy at the store: May warehouse sale ngayon, sir. Pero hanggang 6P.M. na lang, at ngayon na yung last day.
  • *looks at watch*
  • Me: Eh 5pm na.
  • T______T
May alam ba kayong remnants ng House of Habsburg sa Pilipinas? Magpadala ng mga photos o videos sa!
Gagawa ng collage tungkol sa Habsburg monarchy ang Schwarz-Gelbe Allianz! 
Bilang pinangalanan ang Pilipinas kay Haring Felipe V ng Espanya, naging parte rin ang bansa ng Habsburg monarchy at ng Holy Roman Empire. 

Even if there is no miracle
As long as your heart is beating
Do it for yourself and nobody else
Believe in yourself and move forward

I don’t give a fig for your bourgeois snobbery.

"The education of the Filipino must be a Filipino education. It must be based on the needs and goals of the nation. The objective is not merely to produce men and women who can read and write or who can add and subtract. The primary objective is to produce a citizenry that appreciates and is conscious of its nationhood and has national goals for the betterment of the community."

Renato Constantino, The Miseducation of the Filipino (via unibersidadngpilipinas)