The Perks of Being a College Irregular Student

Jecon. 18. Struggling Political Science student. Soon-to-be a Filipino major. Anlayo lang sa 'jeconomics' kong username, di ba?

I don’t feel like joining the MUN anymore. Parang ‘di siya worth it na. 

Hindi alam ng nanay ko na ga-graduate ako 1 or 2 terms ahead. ‘Di ko sasabihin para may magbabayad pa ng tuition ko for master’s. Anyway, kalahati lang naman ng present tuition ko yung para sa master’s. 

  • Spanky: May joke ako tungkol sa peanut butter.
  • Zooey: Sige.
  • Spanky: Ayokong sabihin, baka i-spread mo.
hi im from Philippines and i just heard about the new world tour. i wonder why they don't go to my country that it's very near to japan? they also did 2 asia tour before but my country was not included. is there something wrong w/ my country?.


Hi there anon! With every concert overseas that they announce, there are bound to be fans who feel gutted when their countries aren’t picked. Truthfully, I can understand how disappointing it must be for many Asian fans this round, because out of so many countries, there isn’t even Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia or Thailand, countries which SCANDAL has visited and also have a huge fan-base in. But in turn, Western fans are now able to see the band. It’s been long so that’s very nice!

To be honest, many factors will matter before any artist goes anywhere, such as the political situation, safety standards, reliable local organiser etc. I don’t wish for anyone to think there’s necessarily something ‘wrong’ with their country and overlook into the World Tour announcement. Nobody can tell you the exact reasons but it could very well be something as simple as a clash in their schedule, you never know. The important thing is to not think any less of your country or the band because of just a tour.

If money and time allows, I’d suggest you visit Taiwan, Hong Kong or even Japan to take part in any one of their tour stops! It may not be as convenient but it will be fun and could be a memorable holiday overseas. Cheer up, anon! Keeping my fingers crossed that SCANDAL will one day visit the Philippines!

In one interview, Haruna said that money matters are inevitable. Yes, they want to play music. It’s their passion, but, at the same time, it’s their job. The profit-making side of it can’t be taken out of context.

Looking at our situation here in the Philippines, not much are able to afford their CDs and merchandise. Even just the digital files of their music that are on sale are not that cheap. Aside from that, yes, SCANDAL has a fan base in the country. But it is not as much as those in the other countries. Tickets to concerts, gigs/live performances are not that inexpensive, you know. 

'Di na ko masu-suprise 'pag napili ng Russia si Katya Ryabova to represent the country sa Eurovision 2016 or any year after that. 

Sa dami ng pwedeng problemahin ko, yung explanation pa kung paano nagawa ang Stonehenge mathematically. Wow. 

Siguradong hindi ganoon kahirap paraan ng pag-calculate ng Neolithic people ng Britain sa posisyon ng mga megalith ng Stonehenge mahigit 4,600 na taong nakararaan. Sa panahon natin ngayon, pina-complex ng analytical geometry and calculus ‘yon. Sana naman may maka-imbento ng time machine para matanong natin sa neolithic people kung paano nila na-calculate (in way more simpler ways, for sure) yung paggawa ng Stonehenge. Siyempre, isa ring problema ay kung paano sila makakausap dahil iba pa wika dati. 

Never have I cared about my present classmates. Umabot na sa puntong close pa ko sa mga taong nakilala ko lang ng isang araw kesa sa kanilang nakasama ko na ng ilang buwan at makakasama ko pa sa susunod na taon. 

Promise, ‘di ako magpapaka-“hooligan” mamaya. 

Sinasakripisyo ko ang convenience para lang sa ‘yo.